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The App

Our vision: A real, authentic, and liberated world where uniqueness reigns, and filters are discarded.

We want to create a world that is real, authentic, and free: where everyone celebrates their uniqueness and doesn’t hide behind fake filters. We want to save the world from deep fakes, social media bots and the misuse of AI technology. We promote a world that is dominated by people and not by shady algorithms.


Join the revolution!

No bots, no fakes, no filters.

No AI-Generated profiles.

100% real people.
Enhanced Privacy.

Blinqer is a unique communications and social media platform that focuses on authenticity and privacy.

The content is blurred and locked by default and can only be unlocked using your face id. When you turn your face away from the screen, the content gets blurred and locked again. This ensures that only you and the intended recipient can access the content. So you can rest assured that your conversations always stay private, safe, and secure.



 Core Features


Our platform leverages advanced biometric authentication to create a safe and authentic environment for our users.


We combat the rising threat of deepfakes and online manipulation, and promote real communications, where people feel free to communicate securely without fear that a fake person or bot is on the other side of the line.


Our solution safeguards your privacy. In addition to end to end encryption, we added built-in facial authentication to add an extra layer of privacy: whenever you turn your face away from the screen, the content of your conversations is blurred and locked.

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